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So, it's the christmas period and everyone will soon fall into two weeks of solid drunkennes, as will I. Therefore this site (which is currently not being updated anyhow) will not be updated until the new year. I will also be changing stuff on it soon, giving more space to bands and stuff like that, so keep your eye out. Merry Christmas to you all and Happy New Year.


Hello everyone, this is the new and improved VomitRecords website. This site is dedicated to the unsigned bands on the Liverpool music scene. If you are in a band or know a band and would like me to add them to the site send me an e-mail with all of the band info and URL to vomitrecords@lycos.com.

This website will tell you all about some of the bands out on the scene at the moment. It will also feature gig dates/reviews and a whole load of other stuff.


This Week.............

.................I haven't been doing anything, just sittin round and watching telly. Forgot about the site over the last few weeks so sorry to the bands who have had gigs and stuff and i haven't put them up.


Under the Influences...
... @ the Zanzibar presents Junk Culture, The Maybes, Surge, DWM, Three Hundred Clear, Iconoclast, The Vagabonds, We See Foxes, Zombina and the Skeletones and The Hot Carls. Each band will play two covers and one original track.
18th September, 1 Entry, 10 Bands, Gig of the year. Never will these bands play on the same bill again. So go see this once in a life time gig.
All proceeds go to The Cancer Research Fund.

Gigwise Awards
A year has passed and 2003 is almost over, bring on the Gigwise Awards 2003 go to http://www.gigwise.com/contents.asp?contentid=1085 and vote for your favourite band, unsigned band and live act as well as some other stuff.

Day With Mary
DWM's website is back after some server trouble. They are taking a break for the winter to write new material for an upcoming tour in 2004 (more details soon). They are still organising the Inconvenience Stores though so keep your eye out.

Cabletwitch have split up, i don't know the reasons they just have.

John Lawton (lead guitarist) has left the band. It was a mutual decision and they are all still very good friends. I for one am going to wish them well with their new look line up as i think they are one of the top bands in Liverpool. So good luck.

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.

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