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This page features some of the bands/artists that are involved in the Liverpool music scene at the moment.

Aaron Boland - Bass/Vox
Danny Glenn - Guitar
Joey O'Hare - Drums/Vox
Punk band based in Huyton, these take there influences from a number of bands including Ramones, Stiff Little Fingers and Greenday but dont't expect them to sound like any of them. Come and see them at any of their gigs, I'm sure they will appreciate it very much. Surge have supported bans such as Trilby, B-Movie Heroes, The Suffrajets, Thirteen 13 and Kinesis. It seems that most bands they support these days make it to the small screen (MTV2, Kerrang, Scuzz, etc.), but not them. They are still young though and have a lot of experience, as they have been giging for over four years now and i am sure they will make it big some day soon.


Hannah Platt
Hannah Platt - Guitar/Vox
Hannah is the most exiting and talented young female solo artist in the city. Hannah has recently recorded a new demo and sent it to EMI who gave her some good feedback about her work and although no contract has come out of it, it is certainly a boost of confidence and a sign that you are moving in the right direction, when someone high up in one of the 5 major labels tells you that they like what you are doing. Currently working on her first full length album, she can usually be found at the open mic night in Hannahs Bar every Monday night. Has not yet got a website but I'm sure there will be one soon.

All Rights Rejected
Sagar - Bass/Vox
Nick - Guitar/Vox
Dan - Drums/Backing Vox
Formed as DeathByMonkeys in 2002 and played that years Ormskirk festival. Took a long break for summer and reformed as AAR afterwards. They are not the straight forward type of pop-punk band normally associated with the likes of Blink and Greenday, they are not in fact a type of punk band whatsoever. They class themselves as a band with "songs that sound like a cross between hardcore punk and melodic punk", or "AntiFlag meets GoodCleanFun meets BouncingSouls meets 5Knuckle". I for one am notgoing to argue with that.


Paul - Guitar/Vox
Andy - Guitar/Backing Vox
Richie - Drums/Backing Vox
Mike - Bass
Ogun have been around for not long over a year now. They have performed a number of gigs in th area and have built up a pretty big fanbase over that short time. They have more gigs lined up and are also looking to record an EP in the near future. One of their main influences are Metallica.


Ben Singleton - Rythm/Vox
Jon Lawton - Lead guitar
Richy Nicholson - Bass/Vox
Roy Turnham - Drums
[atonal] formed in 1998 but only played covers to start with. In 1999, after a number of line up changes, they entered a battle of the bands competition in Liverpool College and won a recording session at Parr street Studios. The demo that followed gaineed them access to gigs at the Zanzibar. After winning a few more competitions and recording sessions, they have had interest from such companies as Island Records and also been approached to make videos for a number of their songs.


One Man Orgy
Bryan - Guitar/Vox
John - Guitar
Craig - Bass
Pete - Drums
One Man Orgy blend classic pop-punk with ska-punk and then throw a little bit of an indie influence (in 1 song atleast). Some songs remind me of the great Ramones, SLF and Forgotten Rebels whilst others remind me of Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish. This band is brilliant so go check them out.


Three Hundred Clear
Mike Barrett - Guitar/Vox
Brendan Collins - Keys/Decks/Samples/Vox
Andy Hogan - Bass/Vox
Paul Barrett - Drums
They describe their music as a fusion of styles, mixing up rock and numetal influences with flat-out hip hop, emo and drum and bass influences. It is certainly a unique blend, very difficult to pigeonhole, with the nearest styles and points of reference being bands such as Incubus, Deftones, Mos Def and other more instrumental hip hop artists characterised by artists from record labels such as Ninja Tune.


The Mighty Saguaro
Ben Capper - Guitar/Vox
Kiran Sagar - Bass/Vox
Liam Smith - Drums/Vox
Craig Williams - Guitar/Vox
The Mighty Saguaro have been playing together in some form since the Summer of 1997. In that time, the band has done about 100 shows and recorded several times including a well received self released CD single in September 2002. Inspirations for the band include Fugazi, Kyuss, MC5, Black Sabbath, The Misfits, Tool, Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, Dexys Midnight Runners and Manowar.


Eric - Bass/Vox
Matthew - Guitar
Thom - Guitar
Caz - Drums
On a rainy day in early 2001, a group of friends decided to put their love of music and lack of future to some use; Cabletwitch appeared out of nowhere and are still trying to get somewhere today. With no fear of hard work and the aspiration of creating good, honest music, the sound morphed, the playing improved, the members got new haircuts and they entered the studio to record their first proper demo/CD, which soon made its way around.


Christopher Saxon - Drums
John Watson - Bass/Backing Vox
Kevin Daly - Guitar/Vox
Amphoteric don't mix a bit of this with a bit of that and then throw in some hip-hop, as seems to be the current trend!  They simply play punk rock music: 2 and a half minutes of high tempo, youthful rebelliousness at a time!
The band's sound is influenced mainly by 90s punk, from Descendents and NOFX to Allister, Homegrown and a host of others in between.


The Haine
Jon Wignall - Vox
Dav Hitchin - Guitar
Jim Mclean - Drums
Andrew Buckles - Bass/Synths
Their main aim is to be an intelligent but heavy alternative rock band. Using both live instruments and electronics they try to push the barriers of rock to it's new limits. Stomping beats, lush synth pads, twisted samples, crunching guitar and melodic vocals. The aim to please and dis-please. They have been picked out by conrad murray to play on the 'best unsigned show' on century fm.


sarah leigh - vocals
phil scott - vocals
karl rigby - guitar
neil wood - bass
robert boyd - drums
Akira have been together for over a year now and have been given some really good live reviews from websites such as Gigwise. They play heavy, melodic, energetic music.

Riley - Vocals.
Jim - 1st Guitar .
Ste -2nd Guitar.
Toe - Bass  Guitar.
Kev - Drums.
There is no denying that Iconoclast are from Liverpool, but their sound is from a darker corner of the city. With a dark, powerful sound and a frontman with a truly menacing presence.
Through 2001 and 2002 Iconoclast proved themselves worthy of the tag "hardest working band in Liverpool".
By the last quarter of 2002 their dedication and progression gained them the interest of a local management company, at which point the band took a three month break from gigging to write and record. Returning by Christmas 2002 as a totally revitalised band, Iconoclast only needed three comeback gigs to walk off with's "Best unsigned band in Liverpool" prize as voted for by the gig going public.


Greg Colton - Vox
Jo Barnes - Guitar
Randy J - Bass
Jon Green - Drums
Deluge started with just Jo, Jon and Greg as an accoustically driven band. After their first gig they decided to find a bassist in order to make musc that was more 'rocky'. They launched a low budget ad campaign and come across Mr Andy J. Influences include QOTSA, Foo's, Ramones, Pixies and Hendrix.

Band Links

Daz - Vocals
Sean - Guitar
Kaveh - Bass
Nick - Drums
Effigy take there influences from a number of bands and styles ranging from Dropkick Murphys and Greenday to Rage Against The Machine and Chillis. The funky bass riffs sound perfect when matched with the effects riddled guitar riffs and the drumming (and Daz's vocals of course). Their main aim is to sound as individual as is possible in the industry these days, whether they succeed in this is down to the individual though, as with every band, the sound is in the ear of the listener, nowhere else. There are three downloadable tracks on their website so go check them out.

Dan Walsh - Guitar/Vox
Joe McKenna- Bass
Craig Major -Drums
Boyd(the roadie) - percy the rubber chicken
"36C is a three piece punk band. The type of punk is questionable, it varies. I suppose it's a brand of pop-punk. The early material would certainly be classed as pop-punk, but much has changed and developed throughout the two years we've been together. We are influenced by a lot of different bands, the different stages of our music reflect on the different bands I was listening to at the time. The influences of the band were mainly what I was listening to with me being the songwriter and all. Early stuff was mainly influenced by Green Day I suppose, then after that it varied in the vicinity of pop-punk bands, Screeching Weasel being one. More recent material has more variety, I've tried to get a good contrast of Hardcore, Melodic and a little Ska at times (without the Trumpets of course) Good Clean Fun have motivated me to write more Hardcore songs."
Taken from their website, sorry guys but i couldn't think of anything to write about you.


Carl - Guitar/Vox
Ste M - Bass/Vox
Ste D - Drums/Vox
A three piece band who describe their music as "high energy skate punk". Influences include Rancid, NOFX, Millencolin, OP IVY, Satanic Surfers, etc, etc. Grew up together and started playing as a band in 98 but took a while sorting out their style. Now a popular band amongst the local people who have ever been to any of there gigs. 


Junk Culture
Kev Dixon - Guitar/Vox
Mike Mullard - Guitar
Rob Clough - Synth/Vox
Greg Chapman - Drums
Ben Murray - Bass/Vox
Their first ever gig was supporting Four Star Mary (Buffy Soundrack). Junk Culture took their unique brand of "Modern-sounding-Rock-with-classic-overtones" to the masses and played their first headlining gig in the London Barfly and have now releaased tour dates.


The Immigrants
As they, themselves, have said "bio's are shit and nobody cares, we are mates, we write songs simple as"
The Immigrants' gigs are where music fans go to die. Shambolic, chaotic and completely vital,
they may well be the best band you've ever heard in your life. 'The United States'
to the one that goes 'KILL! KILL! KILL!', they create an utterly tuneless racket that is not so much
the sound of music as the sound of four scruffy teenagers drilling through someone's skull and shouting,
"COOL! What happens if we smash it?"
Taken from the opening page on their website.


Day With Mary
Andy Scott - Vox
Cesar - Lead Guitar/Vox
Paul Maloney - Bass/Vox
Greg McDonnel - Guitar/Vox
Chris Wareing - Drums
Day With Mary owe much of their sound to the aggression and kinetic ideals of bygone punk rock idols such as The Stooges and Nirvana, intertwined with the melodic, quiet/loud leanings and modern Post-Hardcore dynamics of Hundred Reasons and Jimmy Eat World.


Flamingo 50
Louise - Guitar/Vox
Laura - Bass/Vox
Morgan - Drums/Vox
They describe their sound as raw, garagey, melodic punk with the emphasis being on energy and excitement. Influences include Bikini Kill, Dusty Springfield, The Go-Gos, Minor Threat, The Ramones and Andrew WK. They all met when studying at Liverpool University. In the summer of 99 they joined the University band society and started practising they then started playing gigs around the city, and all went on from there.


28 Costumes
Chris - Guitar/Vox
Tony - Guitar/Vox
Nick - Drums/Percussion
Paul - Bass/Keyboards
After releasing many different albums under pseudonyms, they recorded their first EP HOY!, which they expect to go triple platinum on a global scale. Failing this the band plan to head over to Malaysia, where they are currently experiencing a plague of badgers. In November 2003, they release 3 tracks on CD format called 'Hurricane'. The band like to listen to Pavement, The Wedding Present, The Pixies, The Clash, The Frames, Fugazi and Depeche mode.


Evil Eye
Jon Davis - Guitar/Vox
Rich Grundy - Bass
Mike Grainger - Drums
They play a variation on the Heavy Rock theme which can be most accurately described as 'Thrash Punk'. After a number of successful gigs under the names of 'Release' and 'Windego', both had slightly different line-ups, they were forced to take a break from the music scene after a tragic accident involving there drummer. Now giging again in and around Liverpool.


Avoiding Will
Chris - Guitar/Vox
John - Guitar/Vox
Rob - Bass/Vox
Mark - Drums
Formed as the Liberals in 1998, Avoiding will take their influences from a number of different styles of music including punk rock, emocore, hardcore and alternative rock. The band don't like to be pigeon-holed as one specific style of music and are happy for you to call them whatever you want, as long as you like them.


Dave Molyneux - Guitar/Vox
Ben Owens - Guitar/Vox
Martyn Keenan - Bass/Vox
Stuart Prichard - Drums
Intermajic performed their first gig to a jam packed Picket crowd in 98. Since then they have continued to play to packed houses, not only in Liverpool but accross the country aswell. They have released 2 demo's which sho 'fluent and flowing style' with 'driving beats and Stonesy rifs'. They will shortly be recording their third demo.

Alex Holbourn - Vocals
Joel Canavan - Rhytym guitar
Adam Woodward - Lead Guitar
Tony Canavan - Drums
Danny Williams - Bass

Obsolete are a heavy metal 5-piece from liverpool who formed in january 2003. After a few swift changes to the line-up and a bit of hard work, the band are now out of the practice room and gigging regularly. Their influences are bands such as pantera, superjoint ritual, system of a down, metallica, early deftones and slayer; yet they have their own sound going, which seemingly improves itself with every song they write. if heavy metal with a message and a meaning is your thing, check 'em out.

The Vagabonds
After forming in late 2001 The Vagabonds have increased their profile and become one of Liverpool's most talked about bands, headlining in Barfly, The Cavern and Zanzibar Club to packed out crowds. With gigs booked in London and Leeds The Vagabonds are ready to be sivved through the countries alcohol filled clubs and make their mark on 2003. With a recipe of powerful guitar riffs complimented by lush creamy bass lines, a healthy portion of manic drum loops and a singing presence like no-other, its no surprise The Vagabonds have been tipped by local radio station juice fm to win the "Rock Across the Pond" competition.


Most of the text and pictures that accompanny the band name was taken from the bands websites. If any of the bands featured object to this then feel free to contact me.
I will hopefully be adding a new page soon where you guys can download some songs from some of the artistes on this page, but first I have got to get permission and some songs and then i've gotta figure out how to do it. Thanx.